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Currently, CPRN continues to work closely with the Edmonton Police Service in operating high risk neighbourhood nightly patrols focused on crime prevention, observation and reporting. Having the unmarked eyes and ears of civilians with training and experience helps neighbourhoods become safer in the city of Edmonton.  CPRN participates and leads crime prevention training, information sessions, and helps the general public be, and feel safer in the city.


CPRN is proud to operate as the Support and Gear team for the MS Bike tour (Leduc/Camrose) each year, as many CPRN members are licensed Amateur radio operators.  While CPRN utilizes advanced radio technology, we are able to communicate across long distances without the use of cellular equipment.  The equipment CPRN possesses is also used to train and inspire potential amateur radio operators.  


Recenlty, the board has made a decision to build and maintain a Amateur Radio Repeater Network in the city of Edmonton for both Emergency and Standard Operations. The purpose of this repeater is to create a safe, non politial environment to build, learn, test, and enjoy the amateur radio hobby while growing knowledge to share with the communicty and utilize in Emergency situations.  A big hope for this change will also be to entice new members to join our organization and help it grow.

We as a whole are an amazing group of people who are open to pursuing and assisting the Edmonton and surrounding communities in everything crime prevention.  Utilizing our technologies, ambition, and inspiration we plan to grow and help the community.

The Community Police Radio Network (CPRN) Association started in the late 1970’s by a group of individuals who enjoyed their coffee in the evening.  These guys heard about all the crime (break and enters) happening in west Edmonton.  They starting roaming around the industrial area communicating via CB radios instead of sitting and drinking coffee.


They came across someone stealing some items, reported this to the Edmonton Police Service via CB radio, to which the individual was apprehended. This is when the group was born. The group, later known as The Community Police Radio Network, continued to operate as “The Group” for 10 years. In 1988 CPRN incorporated and became an official association.


CPRN has since worked with the Edmonton Police Service assisting communities with Crime Prevention in both proactive and reactive operations.  Many members still actively participate in nightly patrols on the streets of Edmonton, carrying on the tradition of their founding fathers.  Though technology has been greatly advanced, they still stay true to many of the founded principals.


Community is a critical component of the Community Police Radio Network.


Sponsoring the Leduc to Camrose bike tour is our largest community event with hundreds of hours spent each year helping cyclists from start to finish with radio communications and SAG support.

Watch the video to see why we are working to find a cure for MS.





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