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CPRN is a Not For Profit organization that relies soley on donations from people like you. We are over joyed with the donations we receive from our supporters.


CPRN Members participate in fundraising activites alongside with ALGC to help our operation continue.


When CPRN has excess funds, you can be assured that they go to good use as we donate throughout the community supporting other organizations we all support.  in 2015, our partners, and those organizations we have donated to are as follows:


Support CPRN by Making A Donation:

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Giving Back To The Community

As part of CPRN's objective of sharing, and supporting the community, the Zebra Chile Protection Center was given $2000.00 to help with their organization.  We hope this helps them continue to provide the great support they currenlty do to the community.

Red Cross is crutial to our community locally, federally and around the world.  We believe their work is remarkable and we wanted to help where we can.  The Red Cross Society also received a donatoin of $2000.00 this year from CPRN.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta was also provided $2000.00.  We want to do everything we can to support and organization that helps so many individuals accross Alberta, and many of our Members!

Talk about a crutial service.  STARS is on standby 24/7 as an emergency response service for Alberta.  The amazing service they provide we wish we could give more.  STARS received a donatoin of $2000.00 from CPRN in 2015.

Uncles & Aunts at Large is a small organization that does much good for our community, and was a major focus of one of our late members Bernie Karcher.  CPRN wanted to keep his legacy going.  CPRN donated 2015 in memory of Bernie in 2015.

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